Silhouette Instalift

Are your tired of looking in the mirror and noticing how your face doesn’t quite look like it once did when you were younger? Does having a facelift seem scary and expensive? Banki Dermatology offers an alternative solution with no downtime and immediate results. Silhouette Insta Lift is fast growing in the dermatology field and patients are eager to have the procedure. It is an instant minimally invasive procedure to lift your face with immediate results that can be seen, and the procedure only takes 45 minutes to perform.

The procedure is achieved by using sutures underneath the skin to suspend the sagging facial skin for a more youthful appearance. The absorbable sutures are anchored through a small incision. The sutures are placed under the skins soft tissue in the mid-cheek and jawline. The cones are designed to hold the threads in place and will stimulate your owns body's collagen for a year or more, thus giving you more volume. This amazing procedure replaces diminished facial volume, which is lost in the aging process, and will give you an instant lift.

The benefits of the Silhouette Insta Lift are as follows:

• Immediate Lifting Effect
• Continuous restoration of the body's lost collagen for a more than a year to give you additional volume
• 45 Minute minimally invasive procedure
• Limited Recovery Time
• May resume all normal activities within days within a week
• Resorbable material
• Excellent for both men & women
• FDA approved

Dr. Banki has had extensive training and is experienced in this rapidly growing procedure. A consultation is required before having the procedure. During the consultation, Dr. Banki will evaluate the area of concern, determine the number of sutures needed for an optimal look. Dr. Banki will answer any questions you may have, and instructions will be given to you before and after the procedure.