Dr. Banki’s Tips on Healthy Winter Skin

Keeping your skin healthy during the winter months is important to prevent, dry, itching, red and irritated skin. The harsh winter will strip your skin of all the essential natural oils therefore applying some simple regimens to avoid these problems will help fight the winter months.

Hydration is extremely important during the winter, using a humidifier will help keep your skin hydrated especially when we increase the heat in our homes. Hydrating with increased water intake will also aid in retaining the moisture.

Long hot, steamy showers are very common in the winter but should be avoided, along with hot hand washing. If the water is too hot the skin will become red and irritated.

Use hydrating & fragrance-free soaps and cleansers. Look for “fragrance-free” products not “unscented” because unscented may contain fragrances which will dry out your skin. The use of less soap and just lathering the essential areas will also help.

A skin care regimen is essential and using creams instead of lotions and staying away from or limiting alcohol and astringent based products is recommended during the winter. Using a rich night-time cream-based moisturizer will benefit your face. Lips also get extremely chapped & cracking can occur if you do not use a petroleum jelly or ointment for prevention.

After washing your hands use a moisturizer to prevent dry, itchy and cracked skin. Using hand cream, wearing waterproof gloves when washing dishes or cleaning the house will also help.

Applying sunscreen even during the winter is vital due to the sun’s rays reflecting off the snow. Using an
SPF of 15 or higher is recommended to all exposed areas.

Using these tips will help aid your skin during the winter months. However, if you do not see improvement in your skin speak with Dr. Banki. A prescription strength moisturizer may be needed to combat the winter’s effects of your skin.