Juvederm Vollure XC

What is Juvederm Vollure XC?
Juvederm Vollure XC is a clear Hyaluronic acid (HA)-based gel injectable. HA delivers nutrients to the skin and helps the skin retain its natural moisture and softness. HA also gives volume to the skin.

What are the indications?
Juvederm Vollure XC is used to smooth deep wrinkles for more youthful and natural look. The areas that injected are nasolabial folds, marionette lines and oral commissures.

How long will Juvederm Vollure XC last and when will I see the results?
Juvederm Vollure XC will last up to 18 months and results are immediate.

Is there any discomfort?
Juvederm Vollure (XC) does have an anesthetic in the filler although; Dr. Banki will also apply an additional anesthetic cream 45 minutes prior to the injection to avoid any discomfort.

Are there any side effects?
The most common reported side effects are site redness, swelling, pain, tenderness, firmness, lumps/bumps & bruising.